Composite Doors

Composite Doors

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Composite Doors

 Choosing a Composite Door for your home makes a statement

Once you've had a Composite door installed in your home, you'll never have to give it a second thought - It's strong, weather tight, maintenance free and totally secure and will last for a very long time giving you complete peace of mind.

Whatever your preference, the realistic woodgrain effect texture of our Rockdoor makes it look like a stylish traditional timber door with the ultimate kerb appeal. 

  • Structure - The Composite Door range is manufactured from 3mm thickness uPVC panels, formed around an Aluminium with uPVC box section, with a polyurethane foam insulated core. Composite Doors are hard wearing, colour stable and require the minimum of maintenance.
  • Security – All Composite Door locking mechanisms have multi-point high security systems with hook engagement. Internal steel mesh reinforcement is fitted to all doors to resist mechanical attack.
  • Accessibility – Low profile thresholds for easy access to properties suitable for disability and pram access.
  • Appearance – The door face is textured with an authentic woodgrain design, recreating the appearance of timber. The door is available in a range of whites to match most uPVC windows, and also in red, green, black and blue. Three woodgrain finishes; light and dark are also available.
  • Glazing – The choice of a wide variety of plain and stained glass designs are formed into 28mm sealed units for high insulation and glazed into the door using a cassette system. This allows easy maintenance and replacement.

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 French Doors

Composite French Doors feature the same levels of unparalleled strength and security you would expect from the single doors; with a subtle sleek style that blends old with new.

On the surface you get sleek clean looks, stylish mouldings, a choice of colours including realistic wood effecrs and a selection of handles.

On the inside; each door features full Aluminium reinforcement to the outer and inner frame to provide solid fixings for all locking components. High density, high performance insulating foam is injected into the door and frame to provide excellent thermal efficiency properties, and to provide a sense of satisfaction when opening or closing the doors.

The master door is fitted with reinforced multi point hook locks that engage into Aluminium reinforcing in the slave door. The slave door also features concealed shoot bolts at the top and bottom, which securely fasten into the outerframe reinforcement for the ultimate protection. 

Our Rockdoor Composite French Doors also feature state of the art butt hinges which have been routered into the inner frame for extra strength, rigidity and security. Additional hinge bolts and grub screws are also applied to prevent the door from being prised apart or lifted off the hinges for outward opening doors.

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The Ultimate Stable Door

Our Rockdoor Stable Door offers all the performance benefits you would expect of a composite door, together with the functionality that only a stable door can provide. The option to open the top door only, ensures that children and pets are kept safe and secure while still allowing fresh air into you home. It offers you the benefits of a window where only a door will fit!

Featuring a unique double weather seal - unique to Rockdoors - you can be sure your Stable door will perform just as well as the standard single door.

The Stable doors are available in 2 different styles which allow different amounts of light into your home; the Stable Spy View and the Stable View Light, with both styles having various glass options available including Diamond Lead and Square Lead.