Composite Doors

Ultimate Series Security

The Rockdoor Ultimate Series is designed to be the strongest and most secure composite door available, suitable for front doors, back doors, stable doors and French doors .
Carbon fibre reinforcing, multipoint locks, steel drill plates, 3 star cylinder, s-glaze technology, outer & inner frame reinforcing and anti-bumping cylinders provide complete peace of mind.

Rockdoor is made with a uniquely engineered door system ‘made to measure’ for strength, not ‘cut to fit’ which weakens the door. It is designed with a bespoke reinforced inner & outer frame, specially designed to hold all the components including locks, deadbolts & hinges.

Completely Safe & Secure Doors

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Doors: Carbon fibre is strong, very strong in fact. That’s why it is used for Rockets, Racing Cars and Rockdoors. We use this material to reinforce our doors inner frame for the ultimate in strength.

German Engineered Multipoint Locks: German engineered locks are made exclusively to Rockdoors exacting standards. Each multi point hook lock is made from steel and brass. This ensures long lasting security meaning your door cannot be forcibly opened by burglars.

3 Star Cylinders: Ultimate Series Rockdoors feature the most secure locking cylinders available with a Kite marked 3 Star diamond Sold Secure rating (the best available in the industry).

Keys to Your Castle: Due to our locking cylinders being the best available, you’ll be glad to know that the only way through your Rockdoor front or back door is with your key. Rockdoor Ultimate’s are supplied with 3 stylish branded keys for your convenience too.

S- Glaze Technology (Security Glazing): Rockdoor composite doors feature S-Glaze technology as standard, rather than unsightly clip on glazing cassettes that are widely used by other composite door manufacturers. This means the toughened double glazed units carrying the glass design is encapsulated within your door, rather than being clipped on afterwards, so it’s locked in for life. This gives greater resistance to the glass being removed and matches the colour of the door perfectly.

PVC Skins & Rigid Core: Rockdoor Ultimate features a 3mm thick internal and external high impact skin, designed to prevent intruders cutting through our doors. This together with an inner core which is 60% stronger than other standard composite doors, ensures you and your family will be kept safe.

Steel Mesh: Rockdoors steel mesh (an optional extra) can improve the strength of your door by up to 4 times.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

S-Glaze Technology (for thermal efficiency): Whilst important for Rockdoors security, S-Glaze also provides exceptional thermal efficiency helping Rockdoors produce the largest range of composite doors available with A++ Ratings. A toughened double glazed unit is vacuumed into the door itself, there is no air leakage which is what causes draughts. There’s a big reason other composite door manufacturers don’t talk about energy ratings – this is because they can’t achieve the best ratings available like a Rockdoor can.

Stylish Composite Doors

Doors Styles: Every Rockdoor is unique, and so are our door styles and glass designs. By choosing a door from the Ultimate Series, you have access to 26 stunning and exclusive designs that will create real kerb appeal making you the envy of your neighbours.

Door Furniture: As our top- of-the-range door, Rockdoor Ultimate Series feature the best handles, letterplates and hinges available in a range of styles and colours.

Door Colours: Available in 13 colours, Rockdoor is sure to have the colour that will complement your property. Our colours match most of the major window profile colours available, so you won’t have one colour for your windows and one for your front door or back door.

Door Glass Designs: Choose from a wide variety of stylish glass designs, including those that are exclusively available to the Rockdoor Elite and Select series.

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