UPVC Collections

Each door is constructed to its individual bespoke dimensions. The structural integrity of each size of door is always maintained. Door surfaces are manufactured from Gel- Coated Glass Reinforced Plastics or from High Performing Thermoplastics.

These skins are bonded to an internal frame which combines a BBA approved laminated engineered timber with a specially designed thermoplastic edge.

The adhesive used ensures that the bond is strong but pliable enough to enable the door to withstand the stress created by the elements and through day to day use.

The core is a high-density polyurethane foam (CFC & HFC free, ozone depletion potential zero).

Finally a steel mesh is incorporated into the door (only on external thermoplastic options) giving provision for enhanced security.

Frame & Threshold

A specially designed 70mm extruded PVCu frame incorporates a double rebate within the profile which offers an internal flush appearance.

The aluminium threshold works with the frame to provide an effective seal as well as meeting the regulation requirements for mobility access.

Glazing & Cassette

28 mm toughened sealed units secured between a two part moulded frame with sealing to the door face and glass surface.

Screws from the inside attach the inner and outer frames. Screw heads are hidden with a moulded plug.


Improved thermal performance can be achieved by using ‘low emissivity’ glass.

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