uPVC  Cladding

Cladding, often regarded as one of the most efficient ways to completely transform, renovate and modernise homes, is available in 3 different styles (including embossed woodgrain effect) and 5 different colours, all covered by the Homeline guarantee.

PVC-U cladding is an ideal substitute for traditional timber cladding, with the added advantage of all the low maintenance benefits, weatherability and durability you would associate with PVC-U. It can also help to substantial improve your properties insulation.

Cladding, how can it be fixed?

Homeline's cladding system can be fixed horizontally or diagonally depending on what's right for your property.

Quality of Materials

Cladding is a cost effective way to transform your home, however just be conscious that you're getting the right materials for the right job.

The overwhelming majority of installers will sell and install cladding that is 'fit for purpose', however there are still a few disreputable installers that fit what’s called 'Hollow Soffit' and claim that its cladding. Hollow Soffit should never be used as an external cladding, as the product isn’t suitable.  So if you're comparing quotes, just bear this in mind.

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